World of Feng Shui in our daily lives.

Feng Shui for the home

Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui . the theory which has been applied to achieve harmony at home, says: there are five elements of the basic elements, or driving forces – Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood and Water. Each element has special characteristics and is of particular colors and shapes. And since all the elements have their Association in the outside world, there is a possibility to harmonize your home in an optimal way.

Water . for example, it is customary to associate with different paths (or roads), or with any of its receptacle. For the interior it can be a picture of a fish. aquariums. pools, fountains. Water is a symbol of wealth. Color elements – dark blue or black. The subjects of the element of water have a wavy form or smoothly curving surface.

Water can purify and rejuvenate, but the excess can lead to lethargy.

The element of Wood is associated with flowers and plants. objects or furniture. made of bent wood. A symbol of growth, creativity and power. Form element – all high, oblong and rectangular. The main properties of the element tree – flexibility and strength. Color – green.

The energy of the element Tree can stimulate creativity, but its excess leads to unfounded expectations.

The element of Fire – motivation, action, passion, and intelligence. Shape – pointed and triangular. Color – orange and red. Characters – triangular objects, candles, fire, and bulbs.

The use of the interior of the element of Fire leads to increased activity levels. Conversely, an excess of the fire element characters in housing leads to irritability and temper of the owners.

The element of Earth – stability, calm and composed. The symbols of the element of Earth – items made of stone, crystals, and ceramics. Color – yellowish brown and yellow. Shape – square.

The symbols of Earth energy are used to strengthen the spirit. But excess can lead to suspicion.

The element of Metal is a symbol of abundance and success in material terms. Accordingly colors – gold, white, silver. Shape   round or Crescent dome. The symbols of the elements: pictures of things made of metal, coins, metal objects. Metal stimulates entrepreneurship. But the excess metal provokes haste and indiscretion.

The ancient teachings of Feng Shui gives love in our life, we can say a leading role. Love in the understanding of Feng Shui is the basis of life in all its manifestations. And if your life is not enough energy, you are tired from loneliness and you chronically unlucky in the choice of a partner is important in all seriousness to approach this issue.
Almost everyone spends more time of day at work, this is particularly evident in the modern world. Therefore, at your Desk should be comfortable enough. In order to unavoidable work stress (unsuccessful transaction, control superiors, gossip colleagues) was added and the feeling of lethargy, fatigue, discomfort, should be in the workplace to minimize the influence of external factors.
Bedroom this is the abode of love and a place where we relax, relieving the accumulated daily stress . During sleep the person is particularly vulnerable and susceptible to both positive and negative energy effects. There are some General rules of Feng Shui in the Bedroom . observing that, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
There is a tendency, when we cover all the nails in one varnish, and two fingers on one hand allocated in a different color. According to Feng Shui middle finger of Saturn", and the ring - finger of the Sun", they are something we allocated, as these fingers are responsible for the success and women's demand.