World of Feng Shui in our daily lives.

Mascots love feng shui

Dove was one of the most effective characters. Attract love, strengthen family ties. Located in the South-West will strengthen all kinds of partnerships (for example, relationships with colleagues, business partners).

Steam statue – one of the most effective symbols of partnership and love. Attracts love, strengthens family ties. Located in the South-West will strengthen all kinds of partnerships. Improve relationships between all family members.

A pair of dolphins is one of the most effective symbols of partnership and love. Attract love, strengthen family ties. Located in the South-West will strengthen all kinds of partnerships (for example, relationships with colleagues, business partners). Improve relationships between all family members.

Pair candle holder yellow Selenite gorgeous activates the element of earth. To enhance partnerships favorably to light the candles. If You want to attract a partner so the candle can be red. Seleniteis a beautiful gem, it was considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. It is believed that it helps in overcoming obstacles on the path to happiness between the lovers.

Is used to attract a partner. Candles can be any color. Excellent for use in home and outdoors, as the fire protected graceful glass caps. Place the candlestick better in the South-Western sector.

A pair of ducks-Mandarin – in Feng Shui symbol of tenderness, of love, loyalty, inseparability and marital well-being! To meet a loved one, You need to activate the corner of love any pair of objects. Ducks, the Mandarin is a beautiful character and working to attract good luck in marriage. It is believed that the ducks choose their friends once in a lifetime. Put a couple of ducks in Your personal direction of harmony in love and in the family or in the South-West sector of Love and Relationships.

The value of this Chinese character: “it was raining. But was the roof. Under her two friends lived together. And between them was Love. ” Character brings happiness and harmony in personal relations. Used as a symbol, a talisman for Family and Love. Hang the frame in Your personal direction of harmony in the family or to the South West of Your bedroom.

Red Chinese lanterns this is a very effective talisman zone of love. Chinese lanterns to hang in the pair as a pair of things in themselves are strong activators of the area of love and marriage, and red lanterns only heightens the effect.

Fruit trees. Trees with fruits peaches are a classic mascot of health and longevity. To have such a tree is best in the East or in the center, and can be placed where usually the whole family. Trees with fruits tangerines symbolize youth and ardor in the relationship. Tangerine tree perfectly activates the love zone on the South-West. Fruit trees are a wonderful symbol of wealth and abundance.

Today, as many centuries before us, amulets and talismans can work wonders. They find themselves in the hands of man, they have a powerful positive impact on the psychophysical condition of its wearer, helping to solve everyday life problems. Each sign is focused for centuries, the energy used for the benefit of its owner. Each image is a way of communication with supernatural forces operating in space. Characters, symbols, and diagrams are so many and the impact of each so individually, how different human needs and goals. There is no desire, which could not fulfill the amulet. Amulets and talismans are used in the practice of clairvoyance, magic, to promote health, energy protection, removing the evil eye and spoilage, preservation of family harmony, success in business and love.

To activate any of the talisman, it is necessary to invest in him the mental strength of his desire. You need to relax, close your eyes, imagine your goal and try to mentally send it to the shell of the medallion. Then the first time it is better not to part with the mascot, at least the first seven days. Normally, if a talisman or amulet changes its color or darkens is the result of his work with Your problem, in this case, it must be cleaned.

Try not to give the amulet into the hands of anyone and never use for selfish purposes (it can be “unhealthy”).

The ancient teachings of Feng Shui gives love in our life, we can say a leading role. Love in the understanding of Feng Shui is the basis of life in all its manifestations. And if your life is not enough energy, you are tired from loneliness and you chronically unlucky in the choice of a partner is important in all seriousness to approach this issue.
Almost everyone spends more time of day at work, this is particularly evident in the modern world. Therefore, at your Desk should be comfortable enough. In order to unavoidable work stress (unsuccessful transaction, control superiors, gossip colleagues) was added and the feeling of lethargy, fatigue, discomfort, should be in the workplace to minimize the influence of external factors.
Bedroom this is the abode of love and a place where we relax, relieving the accumulated daily stress . During sleep the person is particularly vulnerable and susceptible to both positive and negative energy effects. There are some General rules of Feng Shui in the Bedroom . observing that, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
There is a tendency, when we cover all the nails in one varnish, and two fingers on one hand allocated in a different color. According to Feng Shui middle finger of Saturn", and the ring - finger of the Sun", they are something we allocated, as these fingers are responsible for the success and women's demand.