World of Feng Shui in our daily lives.

The rules of arrangement of furniture

To start the placement of furniture should be the most important piece of furniture. In the office the most important is the table, and in the rest – room sofa. Proceeding from a place found for the main subject, arrange the rest. The Central office is a place of good luck. The centre of luck and have in every room. Ideally, this location should be completely free from furniture to energy flowed freely around the room. The only exception to this rule is the meeting room, so that the energy is able to circulate freely under the big table and around it.

The furniture is put to form a closed space. Arrange the furniture better in the form of Bagua, i.e. the octagon. Favorable is also furniture placement rectangle or square. Good sofa with high back and armrests. The backrest of the furniture – a sign of protection and well-being. Choosing the upholstery,never buy the upholstery ornament of sharp teeth or lattice pattern.

The less furniture, the better. It is important that there was a space to breathe easy and it was easy to move. Don’t forget that space symbolizes prosperity. Naturally, the furniture should be comfortable, and sized to fit the room. Strange to see a bulky antique furniture, though very fashionable, in a modern office. No fucking way should not be put under a ceiling beam sofas, armchairs and chairs. And do not place a high furniture near the door, as it is able to impede the free flow of energy around your office.

The room needs to be filled and empty space. It is important that the furniture was provided by the energy balance. Good idea to leave around each piece of furniture small space, to provide freedom of movement to the flow of energy. Should not be placed chairs and sofas backs to the door and open beamed ceilings, as well as any opposite corners. It is better to set them close to the walls. People will never feel comfortable if he has to sit with his back to the window or the door. Sofas and chairs should not stand too close to each other, so that people did not feel cramped. A feeling of tightness and create coffee tables, placed close to the sofa. Hard, uncomfortable chairs hamper for a confidential conversation. If the furniture is arranged in a semicircle, a circle or forms an octagon, it promotes communication.

The ancient teachings of Feng Shui gives love in our life, we can say a leading role. Love in the understanding of Feng Shui is the basis of life in all its manifestations. And if your life is not enough energy, you are tired from loneliness and you chronically unlucky in the choice of a partner is important in all seriousness to approach this issue.
Almost everyone spends more time of day at work, this is particularly evident in the modern world. Therefore, at your Desk should be comfortable enough. In order to unavoidable work stress (unsuccessful transaction, control superiors, gossip colleagues) was added and the feeling of lethargy, fatigue, discomfort, should be in the workplace to minimize the influence of external factors.
Bedroom this is the abode of love and a place where we relax, relieving the accumulated daily stress . During sleep the person is particularly vulnerable and susceptible to both positive and negative energy effects. There are some General rules of Feng Shui in the Bedroom . observing that, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
There is a tendency, when we cover all the nails in one varnish, and two fingers on one hand allocated in a different color. According to Feng Shui middle finger of Saturn", and the ring - finger of the Sun", they are something we allocated, as these fingers are responsible for the success and women's demand.