World of Feng Shui in our daily lives.

Feng Shui. Magic. Clairvoyance.

Feng Shui. Magic. Clairvoyance. Of divination.

Live in “live” creatures

Masters of Feng Shui perceive the house (apartment, office, any building or premises as a whole and a living organism that has its own “system” and “bodies”, providing its vital functions. For example, water can be compared with the circulatory system, the wiring is nervous. Windows – the bronchi and lungs, kitchen stomach, Sewerage system, the intestines, etc., For normal life requires that all systems and organs running.

If the house flow pipe, is constantly clogged sewer, and gas lines are leaky – quality energy such dwelling is sharply reduced. Of course, if you smell gas, immediately call the emergency signal. But in the case of water may be different. Before you call a plumber, many long time Excel in her hands for a leak jars and basins, winding pipes of different kinds of insulators, etc., And energy at home deteriorates, there are financial difficulties, complications with health and other troubles. Along with the water, oozing from the pipe or faucet, funneling your money!

Once in the house will spoil something is clogged or the pipe started leaking, cracked glass, tumbled piece of plaster fell off the paint, behind Wallpaper, in the ceiling or in the wall, cracked, etc. – this means that the house is unhealthy, and it is necessary to take urgent measures. Any damage to the “body” home emits negative, sick energy. But in this house you live, sleep, eat and, thus, assume the energy kick.

Cleanliness and order in the house – also the conditions for maintaining its power. Some believe stupid to make a bed, if we again have to go to sleep. Dirty dishes left from the evening in the sink, not perceived as a disaster, and “art” disorder in the workplace – it is quite normal. But one should know that the greater the disorder reigns in the realm of things around you, the more complex and confusing will eventually become your life. People living in a cluttered and dusty apartment, gradually becomes irritable and nervous, always late, operates haphazardly and hurriedly, and therefore often makes mistakes. If you are so tired in the evening that he could wash the dishes, then at least don’t leave it for the night remains of food and dirty water.

Feeling an impasse in life, look around and clean your house from clutter that had accumulated in the corners and hidden places, for he is an active source is dead, excessive Yin energy, which slows your social promotion, provokes congestion in life and career, inhibits the activity and dedication. But it also happens that the order in the house atmosphere is perfect, and happiness and success is not. In this case, you should conduct a thorough analysis of the layout and design of the apartment or office to discover harmful, detrimental defects.

The ancient teachings of Feng Shui gives love in our life, we can say a leading role. Love in the understanding of Feng Shui is the basis of life in all its manifestations. And if your life is not enough energy, you are tired from loneliness and you chronically unlucky in the choice of a partner is important in all seriousness to approach this issue.
Almost everyone spends more time of day at work, this is particularly evident in the modern world. Therefore, at your Desk should be comfortable enough. In order to unavoidable work stress (unsuccessful transaction, control superiors, gossip colleagues) was added and the feeling of lethargy, fatigue, discomfort, should be in the workplace to minimize the influence of external factors.
Bedroom this is the abode of love and a place where we relax, relieving the accumulated daily stress . During sleep the person is particularly vulnerable and susceptible to both positive and negative energy effects. There are some General rules of Feng Shui in the Bedroom . observing that, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
There is a tendency, when we cover all the nails in one varnish, and two fingers on one hand allocated in a different color. According to Feng Shui middle finger of Saturn", and the ring - finger of the Sun", they are something we allocated, as these fingers are responsible for the success and women's demand.