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Feng Shui getting flowers in the house

Undoubtedly houseplants pleasing to the eye and refresh the atmosphere in the room. However, as utarget Feng Shui, plants in pots can still affect the flow of energy in the house. If for you the concept of “harmony in the apartment” is not limited to only one competent design, but also implies harmony on a deeper level, it is worth pondering the proper placement of green Pets, because they can both help you and hurt you. So what does that tell us about Feng Shui about houseplants?

Author: Maxim’ev,

the editor of “the man of the house”

From the point of view of this ancient Chinese teachings, flowers and plants symbolize life and create positive Chi. Can only properly to send it.

It is believed that the plants on the window filtered flowing through him bad energy, and in the corners of the room – do not allow the qi to stagnate. Besides flowers can slow down the movement of energy, for example, in a long corridor. In the wide hallway, where the flow of qi is especially fast, with this, you can put a large plant in the tub.

Decorating a room it is better to prefer flowers with round leaves. Feng Shui doesn’t like sharp corners, it is believed that with them comes the destructive energy.

Also keep in mind that plants with soft and lush foliage radiate more positive than plants with hard, sharp and prickly leaves. So cactus-a tenant for the bedroom and not for children. However, he is considered a symbol of accumulation, so it can be put in the sector wealth.

To activate positive force acquire plants which are drawn up. Plants with drooping leaves the energy of the earth.

Do not place potted plants on a straight line between the door and the window or between two doors.

For energy performance potted plants are Yin and Yang, i.e. with a female or male energy. These characteristics need to be considered in the placement of flowers in the apartment. Male plants have better come with a predominance of male energy, such as a living room or office. Yin same plants are more suitable for the kitchen and the nursery.

While in the house for harmony must be present both male and female flowers. To the group of “Yang” are Chlorophytum, dracaena, asparagus, lemon and other citrus fruits. To the group of “Yin” – for example, money tree, begonia, cyclamen, violet.

Don’t get carried away with colors in the bedroom, because they can deprive you of sleep. All the same, the bedroom is for rest and should not be overloaded with details. Especially not recommended to put flowers on the headboard. However in the bedroom can not afford ordinary geranium. It is believed that it absorbs the negative energy. In addition, this plant produces essential oils, improves metabolism, purifies the air, calms the nerves and reduces the pressure in reasonable concentrations, of course. If you long to inhale essential oils of geranium, you can head ache, her scent sometimes causes allergies.

Among other popular household plants master Feng Shui recommend ficus. It perfectly absorbs negative energy, aggression, creates a favorable atmosphere in the house.

If you expect to improve the welfare gain of the Royal begonia is a symbol of material prosperity. In addition, it removes from the air toxic substances.

Do not forget that some plants and can spoil the energy background in the house. For example there is a class of plants – “insufficient”. These include, for example cypress and ivy. It is believed that various climbing vines attract loneliness. Especially not recommended to keep them in the bedroom. Also be cautious of lilies and ferns: they are dangerous to health, as night is actively absorb oxygen, releasing carbon dioxide.

Do not put a house plant bonsai. They say that bonsai impedes the flow of energy in the house. In General, that is not surprising, because from the point of view of the tree above him just kidding, limiting in feeding and watering, so it is not one of normal size, and preserved decorative.

Dried flowers are bad energy, so try to eliminate them in time. Don’t forget to care for your home garden. After all, if your plants will begin to die – this situation will affect the Feng Shui of the room. And finally, trust your intuition. Breed only those plants that you like, and receive a gift of a flower, unpleasant for you, better peredaite it to whomsoever he will like.

The ancient teachings of Feng Shui gives love in our life, we can say a leading role. Love in the understanding of Feng Shui is the basis of life in all its manifestations. And if your life is not enough energy, you are tired from loneliness and you chronically unlucky in the choice of a partner is important in all seriousness to approach this issue.
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Bedroom this is the abode of love and a place where we relax, relieving the accumulated daily stress . During sleep the person is particularly vulnerable and susceptible to both positive and negative energy effects. There are some General rules of Feng Shui in the Bedroom . observing that, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
There is a tendency, when we cover all the nails in one varnish, and two fingers on one hand allocated in a different color. According to Feng Shui middle finger of Saturn", and the ring - finger of the Sun", they are something we allocated, as these fingers are responsible for the success and women's demand.